Bourbon Women Foundation

The Bourbon Women Education Foundation

The Bourbon Women Education Foundation is a 501c3 corporation whose mission is to fund educational opportunities, including the Bourbon Women Angels Share/SIP Scholars(formerly Amber Circle), the training and leadership cohort program, and other educational opportunities that support women and people from diverse backgrounds in the beverage alcohol and related industries.

The Foundation will assist a diverse array of individuals interested in pursuing new careers in the beverage alcohol industry and related sectors. Additionally, educational opportunities will be extended to individuals currently in the spirits industry.

The Foundation was started by The Bourbon Women Association, which will play an active role in identifying educational opportunities.

The Foundation will also support professional development opportunities. This includes formal educational programs, internal and external training programs, innovation activities and multidisciplinary exposure along many different paths. Both formal and informal educational opportunities will be offered by this Foundation.

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Your support allows us to fund educational opportunities for women in the beverage alcohol space, including professional development and diversity in consumer education.

Donate To Angels Share/SIP Scholars

Angels Share (formerly Amber Circle) is a generous group of people who support diversity in the beverage alcohol industry.

The Bourbon Women Education Foundation

A 501c3 Charitable Organization